Erich J.T.F. Forster (magic guitars)

Born August 9, 1966
Hobbies Music, Football
Profession ???
Other Projects no fucking other projects
Former Bands Stormbringer
Top 5 Bands

1. Thin Lizzy
2. Whitesnake
3. UFO
4. Deep Purple
5. Rory Gallagher

Top 5 Songs 1. Peter Frampton - I'm In You
2. AC/DC - Down Payment Blues
3. Nazareth - All The Kings Horses
4. Beatles - Norwegian Wood
5. Puhdys - Geh Zu Ihr Und Lass Deinen Drachen Steigen
Fav. Musicians Gary Moore, Paul Kossoff, Brian Robertson
First LP Status Quo - Live
Last CDs Gary Moore - Power of the Blues
Schenker-Pattison Summit - The Endless Jam
Fav. Drink Finlandia Vodka
Fav. Food No. 60 with chips instead of rice


Mirtl Beutler (vocals, bass)

Born July 31, 1963
Hobbies Football, Music, Middle Ages
Profession Mad Butcher
Other Projects Trio Hauer & Lang
Former Bands Roaddog, Stormbringer, The Sin
Top 7 Bands

1. Kiss
2. Judas Priest
3. Sweet
4. Slade
5. Deep Purple
6. UFO

7. Thin Lizzy

Top 4 Songs 1. Kiss - Detroit Rock City
2. Frank Zappa - Titties and Beer
3. Bang 'n' Man
4. Burn
Fav. Musicians Rob Halford, Glenn Hughes, David Coverdale, Frank Zappa
First LP 1975 Slade - Far Far Away
1975 Deep Purple - Burn
Last CDs Saxon - Crusader
Halford - Crucible
Fav. Drink Beer
Fav. Food Steak Hawaii


Karsten Fischer (guitar, keyboard)
Born September 26, 1968
Hobbies Music (active and passive) of any kind, Football (passive), Darts (active)
Profession Communication Electronics Engineer
Other Projects -
Former Bands Fateful Legacy
Top 5 Bands

1. Deep Purple
2. Thin Lizzy
3. Metallica
4. Iron Maiden
5. Spider Murphy Gang

Top 5 Songs 1. Still Got The Blues (Gary Moore)
2. Still In Love With You (Thin Lizzy)
3. When A Blind Man Cries (Deep Purple)
4. For Whom The Bell Tolls (Metallica)
5. Dr. Dr. (UFO)
Fav. Musicians Gary Moore, Jon Lord
First LP Deep Purple - Mark I&II
Last CD

The Darkness - Permission To Land
Metallica - St. Anger

Fav. Drink Scherdel Edelhell
Fav. Food Roast pork with dumplings, Pasta in any variety


Buutz Richtmann (drums)

Born March 07, 1969
Hobbies Music, 3 Girls
Profession Plumber
Other Projects -
Former Bands Stormbringer, Cruizzen
Top 4 Bands

1. Iron Maiden
2. Deep Purple
3. Judas Priest
4. AC/DC

Top 5 Songs 1. Deep Purple - What's Going On Here
2. Iron Maiden - Killers
3. Motörhead - Iron Fist
4. Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love
5. Judas Priest - You've Get Another Thing Comin
Fav. Musician Nicko McBrain
First LP Wolfgang Ambros - Live
Last CD Kinderlieder
Fav. Drink Pils
Fav. Food wos gscheits


Stefan Puhane (vocals)

Born November 23, 1967
Hobbies Soccer, Sports, Music, Family
Profession Journalist
Other Projects n.f.o.p.
Former Bands Ragged Feet
Top 5+ Bands

1. Beatles
2. Queen
3. Black Crowes
4. AC/DC
5. Thunder
6. Creed
7. Foo Fighters
8. Pink Floyd
9. ZZ Top

Top 5+ CDs 1. Queen II (Queen)
2. Blue Valentine (Tom Waits)
3. Shake Your Moneymaker (Black Crowes)
4. Wide Awake In America (U2)
5. Laughing On Judgement Day (Thunder)
6. Unplugged ... And Seated (Rod Stewart)
7. Heartbreak Station (Cinderella)
8. Skin And Bones (Foo Fighters)
9. Wildhoney (Tiamat)
10. Tarantism (Tito and Tarantula)
11. The Dark Side Of The Moon (Pink Floyd)
12. Hysteria (Def Leppard)
Top 5+ Songs 1. GoldenSlumbers/Carry That Weight/The End (Beatles)
2. The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke (Queen)
3. Bad (U2)
4. Ain't Gonna Cry No More (Whitesnake)
5. Somewhere (Tom Waits)
6. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming (Deep Purple)
7. Tiny Dancer (Elton John)
8. That's All (Genesis)
9. Hoochie Coochie Lady (Elf)
10. You Know My Name (Chris Cornell)
11. Dark Half (Rising Storm)
12. Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
13. Out In The Fields (Gary Moore and Phil Lynott)
14. Telegraph Road (Dire Straits)
Biggest Problem Can't count to five and must list all he knows ;-)
Fav. Musician John Lennon, Brian May, Freddie, Tom Waits, Bon Scott, Slash, Myles Kennedy, Jimmy Barnes, Dave Grohl, Tito Larriva, Chris Cornell
First LP Queen Greatest Hits
First Concert Spider Murphy Gang
Last CD Apocalypse Love (Slash), All I Was (Mark Tremonti), The 2nd Law (Muse), Hot Cakes (The Darkness), The Scarred People (Tiamat)
Fav. Drink Diet Coke, Iced Tea, Bud Ice, Michelob
Fav. Food Braislbort, Schoppala und graiste Gnedl


Former Members

Dieter Jekal (vocals), 2004 - 2012

Markus Klier (vocals), 2000 - 2003

Chrishan Skrla (vocals), 1992 - 2000

Norbert Beutler (guitar), 1983 - 1986